Terms Of Service & Policy

Rain Check Policy

The Popcorn Lady is not responsible for Inclement Weather, Acts of God, or any other unforeseeable events.

Rainchecks are not guaranteed and will be provided when possible, with regards to availability.  The Popcorn Lady will strive to provide a date and time that works for the customer, but we will not inconvenience other customers in this process.  All scheduling is based on a first come, first serve basis.

Rental Policy

Customer is responsible for all rental equipment while it is in your care.

Please keep equipment locked up while not in use.  Equipment can NOT get wet or be left in rain.  Any damage to or loss of equipment is renters’ responsibility, and the renter will be charged accordingly.

Please ensure that all equipment is in working order upon delivery and pick up.

The rental equipment is charged not subject to usage but the delivery. The rental amount shall be due if the equipment was delivered on location. No partial or full refund shall be issued backed by a claim of not using the equipment.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will not be accepted less than 3 days before the event date.  Any cancellations made after this time frame will forfeit any payment made. For all vending jobs canceled less than 3 days before the event date, the client will still be responsible for the agreed-upon vendor minimum.

Pre-Packaged Orders Policy

All Pre-Packaged orders require a minimum of 1 week lead time and must be paid in full prior to production of the order..  Any orders paid with less than the minimum required lead time can not be guaranteed.  No cancellations will be honored on any pre-packaged item within a week of delivery date.  Any artwork for labels must be submitted 2 weeks prior to delivery date.

Power Adequacy:
When ordering equipment and machines for an outdoor event please ensure that adequate power supply is available. We do not provide UPS, Batteries or Generators. Please also note that you can not run multiple electronics like lighting, speakers, popcorn machines etc on the same 110/120 V supply coming through the same circuit breaker. You must also Adhere to all security measures while extending your power to equipment. Special care should be taken in regards to grounding the cables, rain/water hazards and high load burn. Popcorn Lady will not be responsible for any accidents or downtimes related to Electrical issues.

Alcohol Policy

The Popcorn Lady can not provide or serve alcohol in any capacity.  Customers are welcome to mix alcohol into the rental frozen drink machine on their own.  Customers acknowledge that they assume full liability for responsible and legal serving of all alcoholic beverages and that The Popcorn Lady has no involvement in this activity. 

Deposit and Payment Policy

Catered Events:

A 50% Deposit on all Catered Events is required to secure the date. 


A $50 Deposit per machine is required on Equipment Rentals to secure the date.

Vendor/On-site Sales:

A vendor minimum payment is required a week before the event date. All reconciliations will be settled within a week after the event date.

Balance in full is required the day prior to the event on all invoices.

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