A little Help from my Friends

Another week has come to an end and The Popcorn Lady has made some great advancements.  You see I learned early in my life that we are who we are because to the books we read and the people we associate with.  We can expand this beyond books and add music and basically everything that we fill our ears and heads with.  This is not a question of intelligence, but a direction in decided associations.  You know the old thing people would say “he’s not a bad kid.  He just fell in with the wrong crowd.” For this reason, I have strived to surround myself with the right crowd.

As the saying goes, Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.  We have moved to add our staff in a methodical manner.  For the record, I will be throwing out a lot of quotes in this particular blog.  Martha Stewart has said that she does not train people to be nice, she hires nice people.  The people we work with have a way of becoming a family (if you are doing it right).  At the Popcorn Lady this is no different.

This concept became clear to me with this company just Saturday night.  We had a large event over an hour and a half away from the warehouse (yes, we travel wherever you need us :D) and I had to send one employee with 2 brand new hires to do the job.  The event lasted until 1 AM and I have not heard one bad report on that night.  The existing employee on the site led the team and the new hires had great attitudes and produced a very successful event.  I am beyond proud of my team.

I have worked at places that fail to train and then trust.  That is the hard part, right?  Trust is a scary word in both personal and professional lives.  The Marines taught me the concept of decentralized command.  To have faith in the training when the boots hit the ground.  They also taught me that training is a continuous concept, not a one and done like it so often treated.  We work to empower our employees to feel confident in what they do and to make decisions where needed without fear.

So, in short, I have been lucky enough to surround myself with a great staff.  Some of them came from the previous owner and some I have hired.  We are growing and developing our culture.  It is a culture of Positivity, of Trust and Confidence and of Family.  I know my staff is protecting The Popcorn Lady and I am protecting my staff.  That is what family is at its core.  A group of people with some form of relation that protect and care for each other.  So, it is here that I want to let them know how much I appreciate every one of them.  Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Nothing to do with food or popcorn but we cannot live on carnival food alone.  Enjoy this video of the Beatles with Ringo proving he is actually a member of the band.  https://youtu.be/75Oct1Qv8x0