Pop(corn) Culture

Pop(corn) Culture

In the immortal words of Prince “Life, it ain’t real funky unless it’s got that Pop” 

Welcome to the Pop(corn) Culture Blog.  Let me start by introducing myself.  My name is Todd Webster and I am The Popcorn Lady….Yeah I know but for the record I am not the original Popcorn Lady.  That was Holly Levine, however, she has retired from this carnival life and I have grabbed the reins of this crazy train with both hands.

So why open up with a quote from Prince you ask?  Well, first, it’s prince and I subscribe to his brand of Pop Logic.  I mean seriously who can not agree with the lines of Pop Life “show me a boy that’s crazy in school and I will show you a boy aware”?  That boy was me and I am VERY aware.  Second, I love anything that has that POP.  Lastly, simply put I had no idea where to start on this Blog Journey and he inspired me.  So, let’s pour one out for our lost 21st century Mozart and continue our journey.

My journey here has been filled with a ton of twists and turns.  Just like the Jimmy Buffet song I have lived my life in both chapters and stages.  Chapter one, as a young teenager I was a dancer.  Yes, I studied Ballet on a scholarship at the Ballet Academy in Winter Haven, FL.  I really thought that was my direction in life.  Until one fateful day when my ego outgrew my potential and when faced with the notion that I would be a good dancer but never a great one I walked out and never returned.

Next chapter, I joined the Marines (I know talk about a hard left right?).  I spent 10 years as a combat photographer which was more of an investigative photographer where I covered all the crimes scenes you can possibly imagine.  Again, my ego was too big for my uniform and when faced with a jerk of a captain I decided to leave.

Next Chapter, I went into real estate and mortgaging.  It was the heyday of sub-prime and money was just falling in my lap.  But that bubble was doomed to crash and crash it did in the most ugly way imaginable.

And so my next chapter was as a Chef.  I used my GI Bill to go to culinary School in Miramar, FL and somehow managed to land a small job in the pastry section of one of the best restaurants in Miami, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.  I was starting my career and I was surrounded by James Beard Chefs.  I got to cook for the elite of society (my personal favorite was Billy Joel).  I met world famous Chefs like Thomas Keller and Jamie Oliver.  And then my supersized ego got in the way again.  I was angry all the time, my marriage was less than awesome and I was poor as dirt LOL.  When I left that place, I was told that I should spend more time on the line, but I took an executive chef job and failed my way upward.  Honestly, I was pretty damn good chef, but like my dancing I would never be great. 

So, the current chapter is as such, I have tamed my ego.  I have an amazing wife and she keeps me humble in the best possible way.  I have purchased this company that Holly worked so hard to create and build a solid foundation for me to expand upon.  Great things are coming this way.  I am thrilled by what the future holds and as the song goes “Everybody needs a Thrill, POP LIFE” 


Stay tuned as we Pop to the Top